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Application Features

The Our Student Metrics web application collects data from students and parents for any number of assessments. Each assessment consists of a set of metrics with associated rubrics to allow schools to evaluate student results based on the rubric scores.

We have built a default COVID-19 assessment into the system to collect data about student health, fever, cough, breathing, overall health and travel information. The assessment allows parents to evaluate if the child should go to school or stay home, and allows the school to track student health over time.

The most important part of this process is that parents are given recommendations before their children come to school. It is best for the school if students with symptoms be kept home, and best for the parent to make that decision based on the metrics.

  • View all students with color coded assessment scores, either as a summary or the details of their responses
  • View data collected in real time
  • View only students without a response
  • View students with incomplete resonses
  • Filter view by either high score or average score
  • View select grade, class or cohort
  • Single date or multiple date range view of data
  • View results for a single metric or the whole assessment

Peace of Mind

This system will give all parties peace of mind, knowing that the school is doing it's best to protect staff and students.

What our clients say

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We can't say enough great things about SchoolAppointments! Our teachers love it and our parents are delighted! It's simple to use and it makes everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

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